Thank you for participating in the 2018 Northern New England School of Banking.

Here is where you will find all the information pertaining to the school. 

2018 NNESOB program outline

2018 School Attendees

Cell phone policy

Directions to the Hotel

Things to Know

Memorandum from Registrar

Tips for Readable Writing

Written assignments

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NNESOB Board of Trustees

Please be advised the seating in the room where the school will be presented will be a little cramped. There will be room for standing if needed. The chairs are normal conference room chairs so if you wish to bring a cushion to sit on, please do. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

Presentations – There are an abundance of instructor presentations and you may either download them on an electronic device OR print them. We will have a small amount of extension cords and power bars with us for you to use.   PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY TO PRINT OR DOWNLOAD THESE DOCUMENTS.

Chris D Elia Banking history 2018

Agati Birth Order

Jack Agati Business Encouragement – Copy

Jessamyn Norton Economic Demographics

Jessamyn Norton Monetary Policy

Jerry Bazata The Importance of Commerical Lending

Jerry Bazata Reis-Apartment-First-Glance-Report 2018 Q2 V2

Jerry Bazata Reis-Retail-First-Glance-Report-2018Q2-V2

Robert Gagnon The Importance of Lending

Robert Gagnon Mortgage Lending Exercises Worksheets and Forms

Linda Varrell_StrategicMarketing_2018_READY

Matt Putvinski Future of Financial services_

Tom Zuke Bank Financials and Asset Liability Management

Chantal Upton Presentation Number 1 for Students

Chantal Upton Presentation Number 2 for Student

Chantal Upton Presentation Number 3 for Student

Matt Cyr An Introduction to Trust Services Wealth Management Insurance

Matt Cyr Recognizing The Opportunities for Growth (1)

Matt Cyr The Value of Referrals

David Ciullo On the Road from Supervisor to Leader

Catharine Mirabile 2018 – HR Issues Impacting Managers FINAL for presentation

Michael Gallagher Presentation

John Rogers Cybercrime and Fraud

Christy Beemer Presentation