The Northern New England School of Banking is going virtual this year in order to keep everyone safe. Knowing it won’t quite be the same experience, we have worked hard to incorporate activities to promote networking, team building and problem solving.

Once again, our Trustees have developed a timely and meaningful curriculum for the School taking into consideration that it will be virtual this year.  Based on both student and trustee evaluations, we retain the highest rated speakers from the previous schools.  These speakers also provide the most current content in their area of expertise.

Each year the Trustees also add new segments with new speakers that keep the School current so as to meet your bank’s educational needs and match the ever-changing banking world you compete in!  The Northern New England School receives overwhelming support and praise from students, trustees and faculty, as well as bank CEOs and senior banking officers who send their employees.

The Northern New England School is one of the oldest general banking schools in the country, dating back to 1953.  The School is geared to supervisors, management trainees or junior officers, but is used by many banks more and more frequently to provide bankers who perform very specific tasks with a broad education about the many diverse operations of a bank.  The general background training includes the essentials for an introductory school of bank management.  The curriculum also focuses on areas of personal development such as self motivation, adapting to change, and communication skills.

Featured presenters for 2020 include Jack Agati (Motivation and Attitudes); Matt Putvinski (Future of Financial Services); and a CEO Panel with a CEO from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. This historically has been one of the highest rated sessions each year with the participants discussing how their bank remains competitive in a global market. There will be core segments on the role of banks in today’s economy, the importance of lending, asset liability management, financial statements, bank marketing programs, fraud & security, enterprise risk management, human resource issues and technology in the world of banking.

All students will be expected to complete a written assignment following the virtual session, holding your students accountable for learning some new concepts while attending the School.  The School continues to utilize many teaching formats, including lecture, case study, panel presentations, group sessions and workshops.  Combined, these sessions expose students to the ideas of many banking industry leaders as well as learn core banking and personal skills.


The School has enjoyed excellent attendance during the past decade, and record attendance the last two years, so respond quickly to assure your student’s slot in this year’s class.  2020 tuition is $590 which covers the virtual platform, speakers and a virtual team building event.   Our trustees continue to work to deliver a top notch educational experience at a low price – compared to one or two day seminars costing $600 per day or more.

Students must complete and return the enclosed application for admission.  Students will receive information on accessing the virtual platform, agenda and other materials about 10 days prior to the School session. 

If you have any questions, please call Chris D’Elia or June Hibbs at the Vermont Bankers Association office 802-229-0341.

SCHOOL CANCELLATION POLICY:  A cancellation fee of $100 will be assessed after September 14, 2020.  No refunds are available after September 18, 2020.  Replacements will be considered.