The Chairman, with Executive Council approval, appoints those standing committees necessary to carry out the affairs of the Association. The Chairman appoints the chair for these committees. The Chairman may appoint, at any time, special committees he or she may deem necessary. The VBA currently has eleven standing committees.


VBA committees have a wide latitude to consider current and emerging areas of interest falling under their jurisdictions. They do need to assure their programs and activities take into account the Association’s broad and diverse membership. Programs and activities of the committees may be subject to the approval of the Executive Council. It is important that committees coordinate with each other to avoid any duplication of efforts. The VBA staff is responsible to assist in this coordination and to provide general administrative support.

Conferences, workshops, seminars, or other such programs and projects sponsored by committees should be self‑supporting. From time to time, allocations may be made for special programs which cannot be repaid from receipts of the function.

Committee members are expected to pay their own expenses for meeting attendance and registration fees for programs sponsored by their respective committees. These are professional activities which benefit both the individual’s institution and the banking profession in Vermont and are therefore, a legitimate expense item for the institution.