This committee is responsible for: (1) suggesting changes in law and regulation affecting commercial lending ‑ both on the state and federal level, (2) developing programs to enhance commercial lending skills and techniques among members, (3) identifying important trends and issues affecting commercial lending in Vermont, and communicating these matters to the leadership of the Association and the members, and (4) in general, representing the Association in the field of commercial lending.

Chair: Smith, Philip C. – Bank of America
Achmoody, Jason – Ledyard National Bank
Bartolomei, Marino – TD Bank
Bronson, Tim – Community National Bank
Carvell, Peter – Brattleboro Savings & Loan Association
Cicio, Megan – Northfield Savings Bank
Dube, Elden – Mascoma Savings Bank
Ducharme, Cheryl – USDA
Fraser, James – KeyBank
Gould, Jonathan – Union Bank
Lapierre, Chris – National Bank of Middlebury
Ledoux, Carisa – Peoples Trust Company
Legacy, Kelley – The Bank of Bennington
Mazza, Susan – Small Business Administration
Morehouse, Kevin – Small Business Administration
Nourse, David – People’s United Bank
Pippin, Adam – Wells River Savings Bank
Polhemus, Cassie – VEDA
Roy, Rob – NBT Bank
Whitehill, Roena – Passumpsic Bancorp


The Compliance Committee is responsible for increasing knowledge and awareness of compliance issues within the Vermont banking community. This committee is concerned with the financial institution’s total compliance posture and will coordinate and augment the compliance efforts of other VBA committees from a more global perspective of regulatory management.

The committee will disseminate information independently or in conjunction with other VBA committees. The committee will also suggest changes in legislation through the VBA Government Relations Committee.

The committee will serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience in regulatory management. It will also serve as a “think tank” and will present workshops on issues of current concern in local and national arenas.

Chair: Dayton, Bliss – Ledyard National Bank
Bacon, Risa – The Bank of Bennington
Carter, Melanie – Passumpsic Savings Bank
Churchill, Dawn – Claremont Savings Bank
Ebbighausen, Jay – Northeast Home Loan
Ehmann, Cynthia – First National Bank of Orwell
Grimo, Gerald – Mascoma Bank
Hamilton, Donna – Passumpsic Savings Bank
Hanlon, Kelsey – Berkshire Bank
Hogan, Tricia – Union Bank
Ivers, Lorraine – Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
Jackson, Gail – Wells River Savings Bank
Jandreau, Luke – Union Bank
Kane, Tim – Northfield Savings Bank
LaRocque, Janice – Peoples Trust Company
Marston, Dawnlynn – Mascoma Bank  
McLenithan, Shannon – The Bank of Bennington
Ohlson, Susan – Bar Harbor Bank & Trust
Paul, Kelly – Community National Bank
Rathbun, Donna – Brattleboro Savings & Loan Association
Reid, Midge – Wells River Savings Bank
Sickles, Christine – National Bank of Middlebury
White, Lorenze – Wells River Savings Bank
Williams, Lisa – Northfield Savings Bank
Wood, Beth – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust


This committee is responsible for deposit and bank operations. It may sponsor conferences on current developments as well as suggest any changes in laws and regulations affecting deposit services.

Chair: Brown, Rachel – Peoples Trust Company
Baldasaro, Erika – Community Bank NA
Bean, Tonya – Wells River Savings Bank
Bussiere, Lori – Northfield Savings Bank
Chapman, Heidi – Mascoma Bank
Clark, Jane – Community National Bank
Doleszny, Jessica – Brattleboro Savings & Loan Association
Felion, Kylie – National Bank of Middlebury
Fernald, Susan – Ledyard Bank
Kinney, Heather – The Bank of Bennington
Lewis-Berg, Sherie – Brattleboro Savings & Loan Association
Schartner, Joyce – Passumpsic Savings Bank
Small, Abbie – Union Bank
Towne, Deborah Key Bank, NA
Urnek-Chatlos, Julie – Wells River Savings Bank


The Government Relations Committee represents the Association and Vermont financial institutions in legislative and regulatory affairs. All questions in these areas will be referred to this committee.

This committee may seek legislation or take a position favorable or in opposition to proposed laws or regulations affecting banking. Caution is exercised by the committee in taking positions and should be taken only after consulting with the President of the Association or the Executive Council. This committee, as all the committees, represents the interest of all Vermont banking. Other committees may suggest needed legislation to the committee for action.

Close contact with the Vermont Commissioner of Banking on matters of legislation and regulation is also an important function of the committee. Periodic meetings with the Commissioner and his/her staff will be held as needed, for the purpose of promoting good communication and providing a sounding board for ideas or for problems within the industry.

Chair: Yates, Dan – Brattleboro Savings & Loan Association
Adams, Clayton – Mascoma Bank
Arango, Lori – People’s United Bank
Austin, Kathy – Community National Bank
Bixby, Elaine – Passumpsic Savings Bank
Bruyette, Carol – TD Bank
Carelli, Joseph – Citizens Bank
Carpenter, Caroline – National Bank of Middlebury
Dameron, Michael – TD Bank
Daniels, Phil – TD Bank
Gallagher, Thomas – Peoples Trust Company
Green, Reggie – Claremont Savings Bank
Grip, Brian – Bank of America
Hodges, Timothy – People’s United Bank
Howe, Kenneth – Mascoma Bank
Kelly, Jocelyn – Citizens Bank
Kidder, William – Ledyard National Bank
Kimbell, Daniel – Passumpsic Financial Advisors
Kisch, Jim – Passumpsic Savings Bank
Pearsons, Alison – Ledyard National Bank
Pugliese, Christopher – Key Bank
Seaver, Michael – People’s United Bank
Silverman, David – Union Bank
Simard, Curtis – Bar Harbor Bank and Trust
Smith, Erin – TD Bank
Tartaglia, Robert – JP Morgan Chase
Tilghman, Frank – Wells River Savings Bank
Tryniski, Mark – Community Bank, NA
Young, Mark S. – First National Bank of Orwell
Zeigler, Sharon – Bank of America


This committee is organized to establish and maintain among the human resource officers within the Association, the highest level of awareness and professionalism when addressing current human resource management issues and concerns; assist Vermont bankers regarding equal employment and affirmative action; establish personnel communications within the Association; to work in conjunction with other committees or general VBA training programs; and to maintain records on pay practices within the state. The committee may sponsor seminars on personnel matters.

Chair: Austin-Hawley, Donna – Northfield Savings Bank
Brown, Lori – Mascoma Bank
Carlson, Melissa – Mascoma Bank
Cauller, Stacey – Peoples Trust Company
Coslett, Jeff – Union Bank
Coursen, Michele – Brattleboro Savings & Loan Association
Darling, Gayle – Wells River Savings Bank
Gaines, Madeleine – Community Bank, NA
Graf, Barbara – Ledyard National Bank
Jerome, Heather – National Bank of Middlebury
Perry, Kimico – Community National Bank
Prosper, Lisa – The Bank of Bennington
Roper, Ginger – People’s United Bank
Widger, Beverly – Mascoma Bank


This committee is charged with considering current and emerging issues in information systems and technology and to sponsor conferences and seminars on related topics.

Chair: Perry, Daniel – Wells River Savings Bank
Bechanan, Chris – Passumpsic Savings Bank
Beck, Jane M. – National Bank of Middlebury
Elmore, Michael – Peoples Trust Company
Entrott, Mike – Northfield Savings Bank
Gebo, Jennifer – National Bank of Middlebury
Grzankowski, Renee – VEDA
Guidera, Marcia – Northfield Savings Bank
Jennings, Michael – Ledyard National Bank
Reznek, Raphael – Mascoma Bank


This Committee is responsible for marketing and public relations efforts sponsored by the Association. The Committee will in no way compete or replace any of the individual marketing efforts currently organized by individual institutions. The purpose of the Committee is to develop and implement strategies and programs that will create awareness about the banking community, educate individuals about our activities, respond to media, engage in legislative outreach, focus on financial literacy and other activities designed to present a favorable public image for all banks.

Chair: Quirion, Anne – Community National Bank
Campbell, Aly – Northfield Savings Bank
Cummings, Jay – Peoples Trust Company
Davis, Mariah – Mascoma Bank
Engel, Lisa – Wells River Savings Bank
Larrow, Sharlene – Peoples Trust Company


This committee is responsible for real estate financing and related consumer affairs. It may sponsor conferences on current developments in those areas.

The committee is responsible for: (1) suggesting changes in law and regulation affecting mortgage lending ‑ both on the state and federal level, (2) developing programs to enhance mortgage lending skills and techniques among members, (3) identifying important trends and issues affecting mortgage lending in Vermont, and communicate these matters to the leadership of the Association and the members, and (4) in general, represent the Association in the field of mortgage lending.

Chair: Kendall, Steve – Union Bank
Allen, Terry – Wells River Savings Bank
Blackinton, Brandy – Claremont Savings Bank
Jewett, Lynne – Union Bank 
Johnson, Penny – Community National Bank
Loring, Dawn – Northeast Home Loan
Mitchell, Christie – Community Bank, NA
Piasecki, Amy – National Bank of Middlebury
Robtoy, Samantha, Peoples Trust Company
Sargent, Gina – Northfield Savings Bank
Trombley, Tammy – The Bank of Bennington
Urnezis, Michael – Ledyard National Bank
Voisnek, Alycia – Passumpsic Savings Bank
Wells, Ken – Mascoma Bank
Wing, Lindsey – First National Bank of Orwell


This committee is responsible for developing an awareness for bank security both physical and white collar, and should be a forum for continued strengthening of security functions and compliance and develop programs and seminars to advance the security of the member banks.

Chair: Ruffner, Abbie – Passumpsic Savings Bank
Begin, Peter – Mascoma Bank
Callinan, Kate – Ledyard National Bank
Culver, Tom – Wells River Savings Bank
Dion, Ron – Union Bank
Finnemore, Kim- Mascoma Bank
Fraser, Lisa – TD Bank
Keiler, John – Brattleboro Savings and Loan Association
Martin, Christine – Northfield Savings Bank
O’Neill, Robert – Community Bank, NA
Poirier, Lyle – Peoples Trust Company
Robinson, Jeanne – Berkshire Bank
Wagner, Christine – National Bank of Middlebury


This committee is concerned in areas involved in settling estates, administering trust and guardianships and handling agencies in appropriate cases for individuals, business organizations and municipal and state governments as well as public, educational, social, recreational and charitable foundations and institutions.

The committee may sponsor or co‑sponsor a state‑wide conference(s) each year on the current developments in trust services. The committee is responsible for: (1) suggesting changes in law and regulation affecting trust services and operations ‑ both on the state and federal level, (2) identifying important trends and issues affecting trust services in Vermont, and communicating these matters to the leadership of the Association and the members, and (3) in general, represent the Association in the field of trust services.

Chair: Kimbell, Daniel – Passumpsic Financial Advisors 
George, Grady – Ledyard National Bank
Mosenthal, Kay – Community Bank, NA
Nowell, Jeffrey – People’s United Bank
Perrillo, Charles – Community Bank, NA
Ross, Kelly – TD Bank