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Hickok & Boardman Financial Planning & HR Intelligence

346 Shelburne Road, P.O Box 1064, Burlington, VT 05402-1064
Telephone: (802) 488-8726 
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Bob Crews
WEB SITE: www.hbhriq.com

With a legacy dating back to 1821 Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence has strong Vermont roots.  Those roots allow us to understand the history and tradition that makes Vermont’s business community unique and with our forward looking approach, we are helping Vermont organizations be positioned for future success.

Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence is built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership, and excellence. We deliver tailored Human Resource solutions including strategic benefits planning, HR compliance support, wellness and cost containment solutions, training and development offerings and HR technology consulting and products, all with the goal of creating true employee engagement and increased organizational performance.