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Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC)

51 Depot Square, Suite #2, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Telephone: (802) 748-5101
Fax: (802) 748-1884
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Mark Butterfield, Business Resource Manager – ext. 2022
WEB PAGE: www.ncic.org


NCIC - Northern Community Investment Corporation was organized in 1975 as a private, non-profit, community development corporation to counter the economic challenges of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and Northern New Hampshire.  Forty years later, NCIC stays true to its mission: Strengthening businesses, communities and employment opportunities across Northern New Hampshire and Northeastern Vermont.  By partnering with financial institutions and other lending authorities, NCIC specializes in providing help in complex, multi-level funding situations and provides gap financing to help to make good deals happen.  We assist with loans to small businesses and larger subordinated debt arrangements for real estate and equipment purchases. As an intermediary for USDA Rural Development, NCIC can provide direct loans for qualifying projects.  The complex, multi-level funding situations often require the mobilization of state and federal economic development resources.   With all programs, NCIC’s goal is to generate and preserve employment in our region. To explore how NCIC can help, contact Mark Butterfield, Business Resource Manager, at (802) 748-5101 or via email: mbutterfield@ncic.org