Northern New England School of Banking

Date: 23 October 2017 00:00 to 27 October 2017 23:59

This School is sponsored by the Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Bankers Associations and this year will be held at the Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

FOR THE 2016:   The following general School materials are saved in Microsoft Word format: 

Program Outline

Board of Trustees

Cell Phone Policy

Evaluation Form - if using an electronic device, just highlight the number you wish to select and save the document. Once complete on Friday, you must email it to prior to departure.

Memorandum from Registrar regarding written assignments

Registration List

State Bankers Association Listing

Things to Know

Tips for Readable Writing

Written Assignment Topics


SPEAKER PRESENTATIONS - next to each presentation is a notation as to what type of file it has been saved in. Unfortunately the .pdf files ARE NOT fillable.

Monday, October 24

D'Elia - Introduction to Banking (.pdf)

Agati - Birth Order (MS Word)

Agati - Business Encouragement (MS Word)


Tuesday, October 25

Gough - Monetary Policy (.pdf)

Gough - Demographics (.pdf)

Gagnon &  Bazata - Fundamentals of Lending (.pdf)

Gagnon & Bazata - Case Studies (.pdf)

Varrell - Marketing for the Future (.pdf)

Putvinski - Future of Technology in Financial Services (.pdf)


Wednesday, October 26

Soubble - Bank Financial Statements/Role of the CFO (.pdf)

Soubble - Bank Financial Statements/Role of the CFO (MS Word)

Soubble - Asset Liability Management (.pdf)

Soubble - Asset Liability Management (MS Word)

O'Brien - Acquiring & Retaining Customers (.pdf)  Mr. O'Brien's information was a hard copy forwarded via regular mail and these are all scanned copies of what was received.

O'Brien - Acquiring & Retaining Customers (MS Word)

O'Brien - Leading from the Middle (.pdf)

O'Brien - Leading from the Middle (MS Word)


Thursday, October 27

Blessing - Supervisory Skills Part I (.pdf)

Blessing - Supervisory Skills Part I (MS Word)

Blessing - Supervisory Skills Part II (.pdf)

Blessing - Supervisory Skills Part II (MS Word)

Cyr - Trust Services, Wealth Management & Insurance (.pdf)

Mirabile - Human Resources Issues (.pdf)

Gallagher - ERM, CRA & Compliance (.pdf)


Friday, October 28

DiCara - Business Development (.pdf)

Beemer - Written Communication Skills (.pdf)

Beemer - Handout (MS Word)





Location: Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center, Portsmouth, NH