Events and Education

Northern New England School of Banking

Date: 23 October 2017 00:00 to 27 October 2017 23:59

This School is sponsored by the Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Bankers Associations and this year will be held at the Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

FOR THE 2016:   The following general School materials are saved in Microsoft Word format: 

Program Outline

Board of Trustees

Cell Phone Policy

Evaluation Form - if using an electronic device, just highlight the number you wish to select and save the document. Once complete on Friday, you must email it to vtbanker@sover.net prior to departure.

Memorandum from Registrar regarding written assignments

Registration List

State Bankers Association Listing

Things to Know

Tips for Readable Writing

Written Assignment Topics


SPEAKER PRESENTATIONS - next to each presentation is a notation as to what type of file it has been saved in. Unfortunately the .pdf files ARE NOT fillable.

Monday, October 24

D'Elia - Introduction to Banking (.pdf)

Agati - Birth Order (MS Word)

Agati - Business Encouragement (MS Word)


Tuesday, October 25

Gough - Monetary Policy (.pdf)

Gough - Demographics (.pdf)

Gagnon &  Bazata - Fundamentals of Lending (.pdf)

Gagnon & Bazata - Case Studies (.pdf)

Varrell - Marketing for the Future (.pdf)

Putvinski - Future of Technology in Financial Services (.pdf)


Wednesday, October 26

Soubble - Bank Financial Statements/Role of the CFO (.pdf)

Soubble - Bank Financial Statements/Role of the CFO (MS Word)

Soubble - Asset Liability Management (.pdf)

Soubble - Asset Liability Management (MS Word)

O'Brien - Acquiring & Retaining Customers (.pdf)  Mr. O'Brien's information was a hard copy forwarded via regular mail and these are all scanned copies of what was received.

O'Brien - Acquiring & Retaining Customers (MS Word)

O'Brien - Leading from the Middle (.pdf)

O'Brien - Leading from the Middle (MS Word)


Thursday, October 27

Blessing - Supervisory Skills Part I (.pdf)

Blessing - Supervisory Skills Part I (MS Word)

Blessing - Supervisory Skills Part II (.pdf)

Blessing - Supervisory Skills Part II (MS Word)

Cyr - Trust Services, Wealth Management & Insurance (.pdf)

Mirabile - Human Resources Issues (.pdf)

Gallagher - ERM, CRA & Compliance (.pdf)


Friday, October 28

DiCara - Business Development (.pdf)

Beemer - Written Communication Skills (.pdf)

Beemer - Handout (MS Word)





Location: Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center, Portsmouth, NH